Celebrate Mother's Day in Style with Lane Bryant

by - 4:04 PM

Thank you Lane Bryant for providing the items featured in this post.

 Global Trim Kimono - $59.95 online here or in store!
Super Stretch Skinny Capri Medium Wash- $64.95 online here or in store!

If you are looking for the perfect outfit for Mother's Day or just for spring and summer it's a Kimono. I love that they are in style again because they are so comfortable but stylish. You can be covered up, while not being layered and hot. The tribal trim adds a pop of color, which allows you to accessorize with bright colors!
This Mother's Day Weekend here in Tennessee is beautiful and we are enjoying the weather outdoors. However, you can dress this kimono up or down and make it fit however you plan on celebrating.

Are you into the Kimono fashion? Do you own any?

Be sure to find these and many other great outfits check out your local Lane Bryant!

PR Samples, thank you Lane Bryant for providing these items for review consideration!

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  1. I love this! Kimonos are such a fun way to add a pop of something to your outfit!