New from BioSilk Silk Therapy Organic Coconut Oil

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What they say: 
Helps to control frizz and flyaways while preventing split ends for smooth results with incredible shine. On the skin, it can be used as a light moisturizing oil to relieve dry skin leaving it soft and smooth with a subtle glow.

What they say:
A versatile and gentle cleanser that removes impurities while adding essential moisture to the hair and skin. Conditions and provides balanced care for the hair and skin while helping to maintain and preserve hair color.

The leave in treatment not only makes my hair feel amazing, it looks so much healthier. As you probably already know I bleach my hair often, and then decide I don't want blonde hair anyone and go much darker. This is a habit and my hair was starting to show the damage. I needed a very small amount of this treatment to see immediate results. I also love that I can take the excess oil and rub in into my cuticles. It leaves my hands feeling soft and looking great.

I never, ever use 3-1 products or multi purpose products for my hair. Like I mentioned before I have very processed hair so I need extra love and attention.  However, I have to say that I love this product. I used it as my shampoo + conditioner and then used it as a body wash as well. My hair felt very clean, but not oily at all. I loved how it felt afterwards also I was very impressed. I also wanted to mention that my scalp has been very dry and using this product really seemed to help with that as well. 

It did the same thing for my body, leaving it soft and feeling amazing. I think this is the perfect addition to anyone's routine. You need a very small amount of this product to make it work and get a great lather.

Have you ever tried these products? What's your favorite?

Samples were provided for review consideration.

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  1. I have not tried these products yet but I love the original Biosilk list for my ends. Will deff be on the look out for these to give them a try. Xo