Evanger's Dog Food Review

by - 4:40 PM

Evanger's Organics Beef Dinner- (12) 12.8oz cans -$31.08 online here!
This is another canned dog food that my dogs approve of. This is certified Organic,Free from gluten,fillers, and preservatives. They also love Coconut Oil and the fact that it's already in this food makes them love it even more. I give it to them sparingly of course, but it makes everything in their life better. 

It comes out in big chunks which they love, and it's tender so even my senior dog can gobble it up. I mix in a little bit of their dry food to make sure they are getting a complete meal. 

What is your favorite Organic Dog Food for your doggos?

Thank you to Evanger's for sending over this food for review consideration!

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