Green coast Pet Full-Spectrum Hemp Soft Chews

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Green Coast Full-Spectrum Hemp Soft Chews-Peanut Butter 30 chews per bag

Proprietary Hemp Blend: Supports a calm & relaxed demeanor, supports a normal inflammatory response, supports a strong immune system, supports good neurological function

These are great for small hyper dogs like my 2 chihuahua's. They are always on full alert, and never really stop going until they absolutely must. I like that these treats have good ingredients, and will help them with their joint issues. Their Vet told us to keep them from jumping and being "too wild" because of the knee and hip dysplasia. 

It is common in small dogs, and because we have a king sized bed and they are afraid of the doggie stairs we bought they continue to jump off and on. These treats will help calm their demeanor and support their joints and inflammatory response.

Be sure to read the directions for use, these treats are very small but they don't need much at all depending on their size. 

Have you tried these treats out for your doggo yet?

These treats were provided for review consideration, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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