Stocking Stuffer for your Doggo! Quick Bath Wipes

by - 2:20 PM

Quick Bath 10 pack small dog wipes-$8.99 online here!

I have always been a fan of these types of wipes for my dogs. They are great all year round, but with all the rain we have been getting I love to use these after my dogs go for their walks. They get their regular baths but these make those baths so much easier. 

These wipes would be perfect for your dog that hates to get a bath, because they are safe for daily use. They clean my dogs without any issue, and do not cause any irritation. I have 1 dog that loves water and if I ever take a bubble bath I can be sure to find Dolly in the bathtub if I don't shut the door. However, Potter my smallest chihuahua prefers anything else but a bath. I rely on these wipes to be sure he is clean, and doesn't need a bath as often. They make these wipes in a larger size if you have bigger dogs. 

Have you tried these wipes? Do you like products like this?

Find more about this brand online here!

Thank you to Quick Wipes for sending over for blogger review consideration!

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