New Duos from Olay,Ivory & Old Spice!

These new DUOs can be found at your local drugstore starting at $9.73 !
Olay, Ivory & Old Spice are the 3 featured here!

 If I could own everything and it smelled like Orchid & Black Currant I would be a happy girl. It leaves my skin feeling great, but it smells amazing long after I am out of the shower. This is my favorite out of the Ivory and Olay, and will be repurchased very soon!
 It comes with the 2 sides, one for exfoliating and one that is smooth if you aren't looking to exfoliate. The exfoliation is gentle, but left my skin feeling fresh and clean. If you have more sensitive skin, or aren't looking to exfoliate you can also do that with this DUO.
This is my husbands new favorite thing, as I have mentioned many times he does not use a lot of products. There might be 20 items in our shower but probably 2 of them are his. So when I give him something new to test out for me, it is always fun to see what he is going to think.  He has already requested a new Old Spice Duo, so it is on our list to pick up for him. He mentioned that he enjoyed the scrubbing side much more, because he works out it just works better than anything else he has tried. 

Have you tried the new Duos? If so what was your favorite? I know I was worried that I might not get a lot of uses out of it, but so far it's not going anywhere. Be sure to hang it up, and let it dry out when you are done using it and you should be a happy camper! 

PR Samples all opinions are my own!

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  1. I've wanted to try these and I've almost purchased them at least ten times! Now I know to pick them up!