New Eye wear from Coastal

If you wear prescription glasses you already know that the cost of frames can be outrageous. Even with insurance, you may only be allowed 1 new pair of glasses every 2 years.  That is why I think it’s amazing websites like Coastal are around to help everyone out. You can get frames starting at $35, which is crazy because with insurance I have never gotten frames under $100.

My first thought was yeah they may be affordable, but I bet I won’t like any of the styles. Not only do they have stylish frames starting at $35 you can get name brand designers like Vera Wang for half off and starting at just $70. Coastal is the largest online eye wear company in the world, and they are on a mission to make vision correction accessible for everyone. You can easily build up your eye wear wardrobe whether you need glasses for an accessory or actual vision correction.

Coastal has their own line of frames with brands like Kam Dhillon, which is the brand I picked from. They have a large range from designer to specially designed brands. There is going to be something for everyone. I always get compliments on my glasses, but when I wore these Addax from Kam Dhillon. I was stopped by a lady at Starbucks who had to know where I got these glasses from. I wrote it on a napkin for her, and she said she was buying them that very day.  You can also find sunglasses on Coastal at great prices, from your top designers and hottest trends.
Be sure to check them out online, and pick up your next pair of glasses. Follow them on social media. Please tag me and let me know when your new pair of eye wear arrives!

Thank you to Coastal for providing these glasses for review consideration.

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